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Chiazu's Plot for World Domination

She's watching you as you read this.

9 September 1989
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Hmmm....What to say, what to say, what to say. I'm generally quiet, shy, and a loner. I only talk a lot when I'm with my friends. My hobbies are your typical teen hobbies. Although I hate stereotyping and labeling, I do it along with everyone else. A lot people see me as an emo, so I guess I am one; but I don't know why. I don't cut myself to get more friends or anything like that; only emo wanna-bes do that stupid ass shit. I'm an out there kind of person, I'm always daydreaming or staring off into space.....I'm not sure what else to say.........................Still not sure. I'm a bisexual 'cause I amazingly rock like that! Yeah, I went there.